Arranbee (R&B)
Littlest Angel
Not For Sale

Perhaps the most treasured dolls of all are those that have been well loved and played with, then, decades later, rekindle fond memories of days gone by. This Arranbee Littlest Angel doll is similar to the one I had as a child. She belonged to my best childhood friend who lived across the street in our Northwest Chicago neighborhood. We would play with our 'Angels' either on my front porch or up in her bedroom.  Before we reached high school age, my friend's family moved out East and we, regretfully, lost contact. Decades went by. Then, through convoluted Facebook contacts, we were reunited. My friend was terminally ill and passed soon after we spoke by phone, but we had a chance to reminice about the old neighborhood and our dolls. Her family has graciously sent me her Littlest Angel doll, along with her extensive wardrobe. Several outfits are documented in the 1955 R&B catalog. Others might have been exclusive to Marshall Field & Company, Chicago (1852-2006).

From the 1955 R&B Catalog (left to right): #045 Sailor $1.49 (variation);
#025 Afternoon Dress $1.49; #044 Bermuda Shorts, Tomboy Shirt $1.49; #024 Three Piece Pajama Set $1.49; #029 Plaid Party Dress $ .98; #052 Beach Apparel $1.98


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